Chew Squeaky Toothbrush Toy Float Ball for Small/Medium/Large Dogs

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"My puppy plays with this ball every day. I will put some dog food in the ball. Whenever the dog pushes it, the dog food will automatically fall out. It is fun to play."

【MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DOG TOY】squeaky toy/food dispensing toy/teeth grinding toy and bouncing toy. This toy comes with a dog bite cotton rope,which can bring multiple use experiences to dogs.
【SQUEAKY DOG TOYS】There is a sounding device at the bottom of the product. When the dog bite and play with this product, it can make a squeak to attract the dog's attention and increase the dog's interest in playing. This durable dog toy is specialized design for Small/Medium/large dogs, which is suitable for 10-70 lb(5-30KG). Diameter 4.3 inch.
【SNACK DISPENSING】Dog food diced meat snacks etc can be placed directly on the upper part of this product. In the process of fiddle,push and play with the toy ,the dog can get dog food or snacks through the leaking hole. This product allows the dog to obtain rewards through his own efforts. It not only increases the fun of the toy but also improves the dog's IQ during playing.
【SAFE AND HEALTHY WATER FLOATING TOY】 It is made of special non-toxic safety material TPR.
【DOG TOOTHBRUSH TOY】The surface of the toy has molar bumps in different sizes and intensities which are arranged vertically and horizontally. When the dog bites the toy, it can remove tartar and other dog food residue snack residue by rubbing the teeth against the teeth protect the dog's oral health.

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