Adjustable Length Face Shield Lanyard(2Pcs/5Pcs)

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Number: 2PCS
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  • UPER HANDY & CONVENIENT - REST YOUR EARS AND BREATHE EASY - Keep your face protection clean and close by - don't risk getting your bandanas dirty or losing it by setting it down or shoving it in your pocket.
  • COZY LENGTH - Fully adjustable from 1 inch up to 17.7 inches for adults to allow for maximum comfort and adaptability.
  • FOR EVERY ONE - This extender also allows you to wear your face Bandanas around your neck when it is not needed and easily pull it back in place. It’s perfect for unisex adults or kids.
  • WHEN YOU NOT USE - it can keep your face securely around your neck - Perfect for Errands, A Bite to Eat, Socially Distanced Conversation or a Phone Call.
  • HANDS FREE - DISCREET - LIGHTWEIGHT - COMFORTABLE - Once size fits all, adjustable buckle makes it, perfect for men and women of all sizes.

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