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Enjoy Gorgeous, Refreshing, COOL Personal Air Con!

Don’t Throw Your Money Into the Bottomless Pit of The Electric Company! It Only Costs Pennies to STAY COOL and HAPPY This Summer!

It seems like only yesterday it was winter. It was freezing cold, we had to bundle up to go outside, and it seems like old Jack Frost would never go away.

Christmas, then New Year’s came and went. But the undiscovered country was looming just ahead in the distance, just like the Titanic, we were steaming full speed towards the hidden iceberg in the misty distance.

But that was then. Now is now.

Most of us are still locked in our houses. And most of the national weather services report that it is going to be a SUPER HOT SUMMER, maybe one of the hottest for decades.

So, instead of heading for air-conditioned summer schools, nicely-cooled offices, or the parks and beaches, we are going to mostly STAY INSIDE OUR HOUSES.

And you know what that means. We’re going to have to crank up the A/C. Our houses and apartments are going to have to be on ALL THE TIME.

DON’T FAINT when you get your first summer electric bill. It might be a killer!

There’s a Way to Stay Cool AND Save a Ton of Money!

You don’t have to play the game of the greedy electric companies who want to soak you for every dime.

That’s because NOW, we have this AWESOME Portable Air Conditioner

What is it?

Why, it’s this little tiny cube that literally sips electricity with its BIG, POWERFUL BATTERY.

You carry it wherever you want COOL REFRESHING AIR, and it COOLS YOUR PERSONAL SPACE!

How “cool” is that? Plenty cool!

Now, you don’t have the leave your home air conditioning on all day and night and literally BURN UP YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY.

You can put one in the kid’s room, and they won’t sweat while they sleep.

You can take one with you wherever you go, and you don’t have to suffer in the stifling, sweaty, miserable summer heat.

So, if you want to BEAT THE HEAT this summer, grab this PORTABLE AC right now!

What’s So Great About the Blaux Portable AC You Ask?

Well, I’ll tell you why it’s SELLING LIKE CRAZY, and TENS OF THOUSANDS of people are glad they bought one.

I’ll tell you why it’s selling so fast we can barely make them fast enough.


This Portable AC Filters the Air

Pollen, dust, and who knows what else is all floating around in the indoor air. And the indoor pollution only gets worse when you’re inside all the time. Even particles from your clothes and hair get into the air.

This PORTABLE AC has a changeable, efficient Water Curtain to trap all these particles before they get blown on YOU.


Here’s my experience with this Portable AC:


WOW! This thing was great! There was a really powerful blast of cool air. I was sweating before I turned it on, but it stopped right away.

I didn’t have to turn on the room air conditioner, this was everything I needed.

I gave my wife one to use in the kitchen, and she loved it.

Get the latest, factory-fresh Blaux Portable AC right now at a special introductory discount!


The situation in factories is fluid and out of our control!!

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